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  Jul 23, 2024
2010-2011 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin (Frozen) 
2010-2011 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin (Frozen) [Archived Catalog]

Management, B.S.B.A.

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Overview Curriculum
Learning Outcomes Moore School of Business 


The business administration curriculum allows sufficient flexibility for adaptation to a student’s particular interests and goals. A minimum of 122 hours is required for the B.S. degree in all majors except accounting, which requires 127 hours, and international business, which requires a minimum of 128 hours. They are divided between courses in business administration and general education courses in English, history, foreign languages, natural and behavioral sciences, and other disciplines. All business administration students are required to earn 40 hours in a common core sequence of business subjects. The major field for all majors except accounting and international business* requires 12-21 hours beyond the common core. If a major requires only 12 hours, then a minimum of 9 additional hours of advisor-approved course work in business/economics must be completed. A minimum of 18 credit hours in additional directed general education courses is required.

The school has developed options designed to complement core and major requirements. Information and assistance in the development and selection of options are available through the advising facilities of the school. 

*The accounting major requires 26 hours. International business requires a second major in business. International business majors range from 27 to 36 hours, depending on the double major selected.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students should understand the role of management and managers in building an effective organization.
  • Students should understand the role of research in improving managerial practice.
  • Students should be able to apply management principles to determine how managers should respond to particular challenges or opportunities confronting an organization.
  • Students should be able to effectively communicate management principles or the application of those principles to particular organizational circumstances.

Curriculum (122 Hours)

Major Requirements (61 Hours)

See Moore School of Business  for entrance requirements, progression requirements, and other regulations.

  1. General Education Requirements (40-44 Hours)
  2. Business Core (40 Hours)
  3. Communication (Included in General Education Requirements)
  4. Management
  5. Internationalization Requirement (9 Hours)
  6. Directed General Education Course Work (non-BA) (minimum of 18 Hours)

1.General Education Requirements (40-44 Hours)

And one of the following options:

Behavioral Sciences (3 Hours)

One course in behavioral sciences selected from:

  • Anthropology
  • Sociology
  • Psychology

Natural Sciences (7-8 Hours)

Two courses from the natural sciences including one laboratory course selected from:

  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geology
  • Marine science
  • Physics

Fine Arts (3 Hours)

One course in the fine arts selected from the following:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Theatre
  • Creative writing

Performance courses may not apply to this requirement.

Foreign Languages

Students shall demonstrate in one foreign language the ability to comprehend the topic and main ideas in written and, with the exception of Latin and Ancient Greek, spoken texts on familiar subjects. This ability can be demonstrated by achieving a score of two or better on a USC foreign language test. Those failing to do so must satisfactorily complete equivalent study of foreign language at USC.

(6-7 Hours)

Two courses selected from the following fields:

  • Foreign languages
  • Economics (other than 224)
  • Geography
  • Government and international studies
  • History (other than 112)
  • Philosophy (other than 110, 111)
  • Religious studies

3. Communication (Included in General Education Requirements)

4. Management

Human Resources and Organizational Leadership (12 Hours)

12-hour majors must complete a minimum of 9 hours of approved course work in business/economics.

Human Resources and Organizational Leadership: Intensive Track (15 Hours)

Entrepreneurship (12 Hours)

Entrepreneurship: Intensive Track (15 Hours)

5. Internationalization Requirement (9 Hours)

The program also requires 9 hours of course work with international content that may be used to fulfill other degree requirements. Three hours must be taken from an approved list of courses offered by the Moore School of Business which contain international business or international economics content. The following course options can also be used to satisfy the 3 credit hours of this requirement: approved course work containing international business or international economics content, taken at a semester abroad program; an approved Maymester or summer overseas course containing international business or international economics content; an approved internship course in international business wherein a student would obtain discipline-related work experience in a foreign country; or an approved service-learning component. Students may choose from one of the following options to complete the remaining 6-hour requirement:


Two language courses at the 200 level or above



Two approved courses with international content taken either inside or outside the Moore School of Business from a list available in the undergraduate office.

6. Directed General Education Course Work (non-BA) (minimum of 18 Hours)

Directed non-BA course work may be selected from a University-wide list of approved minors. The minor is normally a minimum of 18 hours of prescribed courses in one subject area. Students not selecting such a minor may submit an alternative program of study to satisfy the non-BA approved course work. The proposed alternative program of study must be approved by the Undergraduate Program Executive Committee. All minor courses or courses approved as alternatives must be passed with a grade of C or better.

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